C14th assarts
 As above as a CSV
The lay subsidy (poll tax) of Richard II (1379)
 Above as a CSV

 Above with place names converted to surnames
 John Kaye of Woodsome including heraldic visitations

The CSV files can be read into a spreadsheet. This allows you to process it, for example sort by surname. Due to restrictions imposed by the web site the CSV file is named, for example, 1379.csv.txt. If you download it and then rename to 1379.csv it should be recognised by any spreadsheet application.

Some of the names in the lay subsidy have the form forename placename, e.g. Willelmus de Litliwod.  In order enable these names to be sorted sensibly, e.g. William de Litilwod gets sorted alongside all the other Littlewoods (give or take spelling variations!) the second CSV file has the "de" removed

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