The flood of 1852

Holmfirth has endured a number of floods of which the 1852 was nor only the most serious in terms of loss of life but was also a man-made disaster. A good deal has been written about it and there seems little point in our contributing yet more analysis. For contemporary accounts we recommend the Illustrated London News reports transcribed at Huddersfield Exposed here and here and the detailed report by Joseph Fawcett, 1852. Although Fawcett is described as a sermon the appendix from pp 31 to 219 is an account of the subsequent enquiry.

However, the History Group has been presented with a lesser known contemporary source, a print issued, like Fawcett, to raise money for the survivors. Its claim to be a correct guide is somewhat overstated as a lot of the valley between Holmbridge and Holmfirth has been elided but in many respects this, taken together, with the Illustrated London News engravings, is a rare glimpse into the appearance of the Holme Valley before the use of photography. Click on the image below to see a much larger version.

Thanks to Holmfirth Colour Print for scanning this large document and stitching the two scans together.